Linda Zivere: Stillness
16 nov 201930 nov 2019

The meditative radiance in Zivere’s paintings invites viewers to engage with their own internal space. Her calm, impulsive brushstrokes, as seen from the repetitive painting of overlapping sections or grids of colours are both calming and provocative, and indicate too a firmness of style and assurance.

Linda Zivere. Pressefoto.

Also, this expression is emphasised by the bright, intense colours she uses to have these grids expanding into each other, like layers of thoughts, emotions and sensations complementing one another and knitting together an aura of quietness.

The overall calmness in Linda Zivere’s paintings stimulates too a desire to enter an inner journey. This silent seductiveness of her work comes from a skilled combination of spontaneity and disciplined rhythms of movements. But Zivere’s paintings, combining mixtures of stillness with impulsive loudness coming from visible brushstrokes, are also full of paradox. Like a friend’s silent gaze, her work both calms and provokes.

Nevertheless, the viewer is easily absorbed by the depths of tenderness in paintings that arise from her humble, almost fragile work flow. Mostly, the experience of Linda Zivere’s paintings opens up for a personal stream inward, and allows one a moment for oneself.

Linda Zivere is a Latvian artist living and working in Copenhagen since 2001.

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Linda Zivere: Stillness
16 nov 201930 nov 2019


'Linda Zivere: Stillness'