Kevin Francis Gray
10 okt 201829 nov 2018

Andersen’s is pleased to present the first major solo show in Scandinavia by Irish sculptor Kevin Francis Gray: to mark his return to Copenhagen after curating a group show at Andersen’s in the spring, Gray re-immerses himself in the space to introduce recent works and a significant new installation.

This new exhibition is presented across the two rooms at Andersen’s Amaliegade, each offering unique insight into the practice and new works of Kevin Francis Gray.

Kevin Francis Gray. Pressefoto

The courtyard gallery will unveil never-before-exhibited pieces: namely, two bearded figures in marble. The stately Bearded Man who dominates in black Marquina marble is in conversation with his peer, the Bust of a Youth in white Carrara marble. Both demonstrate Gray’s mastery of the material; the control of the sculptor who effortlessly translates the suppleness of the initial clay into the hardness of the rock. On the walls hang Gray’s most recent works, from his Marble Panel series. Four small marble panels framed in oak hint at the inky lines of a sculptor’s preparatory drawing. By sculpting into stone the imagery commonly reserved for this initial stage of the process, Gray manipulates our expectations and further abstracts the corporal imagery. We catch only glimmers of a shoulder, a hip or the curve of a breast, as though the artist preserves the complete visual for himself. The illusion of the malleability of the stone matched with these hypnotising lines makes it almost irresistible not to reach out and feel them, grazing over where the artist’s hand has been before.

The street-view gallery presents the monumental Maquette Table. For this installation, Gray has transported the 4×4 m artist’s working table from his London studio to the gallery. It is an invitation into the mind and process of the artist. Gray moves beyond simply sharing the materiality of his works, and exposes the vulnerability of his most intimate studio practice. With this piece, the viewer has the opportunity to step into the artist’s studio and experience every step of the idea-generating and making process, complete with experiments, failures, finished works, sketches and inspiration. A truly immersive experience, Gray hopes each viewer will find their own uniquely meaningful way to engage with the Maquette Table and its contents.

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Kevin Francis Gray
10 okt 201829 nov 2018


'Kevin Francis Gray'